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About Amazon rainforest fire om flame-retardancy


About Amazon rainforest fire om flame-retardancy

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As trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the green gas been consumed therefore it can still buy us more time regarding the ongoing global warming issues. 

It is sad to know that the lung of the earth is on fire and when the trees and plans perish, they would release billions of tons of carbon that has been stored for many years—making it inevitable to cause a climate catastrophe.

The causes of this fire may link to human activities and other natural causes. However, not just the indigenous people will bear of immediate effects, but also the people live in the cities are experiencing some potential fire hazard. From the local news we have seen smoke from the fire turns day into night in São Paulo. From NASA pictures we can see fires are burning from the outer space, the smoke is crossing South America spreading its darkness.

Bush fire, earth quake and other natural disasters may not be controlled but as residents of the earth we should look after each other.  As a dedicated flame-retardant manufacturer of precipitated Aluminum hydroxide (ATH), We vow that all manufacturers especially those in the rubber and plastic industry chose your flame-retardant product suppliers carefully because high-quality flame-retardant product may reduce fire damage and save more lives. We may not prevent a fire situation in person but we can start from making our product safer.

Again, there is only one EARTH we are living in, and Hopefully Amazon rainforest will not become a history scar of our mother earth. 


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