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Our products have an exceedingly various range of applications and have been the guardians for quality, environmental-friendly, and safety features of our customers for more than a decade.

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Zibo Pengfeng's Prevention Meatures


Zibo Pengfeng's Prevention Meatures

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Zibo Pengfeng is still focusing on production and full filling the requirements of high-quality precipitated aluminum hydroxide from home and abroad customers.

Our raw material supply is sufficient, our newly updated facilities are in good working condition.

Since we are under the risk of the second burst of coronavirus-19, the prevention measures are still not loose.

To keep our team safe and healthy, we are mainly taking the following measures:

1)Only the company's employees' have access to our factory;

2)Each person must wear a mask and be assured in normal body temperature before going into the factory;

3)In the dining hall, each person must leave more than 1.5 meters at lunchtime.

4)Under the inspection and guidance of authorities. We wish our clients and customers safe and healthy. Contact us if you need any assistance.