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Characteristics and application range of aluminum hydroxide filler


Characteristics and application range of aluminum hydroxide filler

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The aluminum hydroxide filler is white powder, and its main component is AL(OH)3, which has the characteristics of good fluidity and high whiteness.

1. The aluminum hydroxide filler can prevent smoke, does not produce dripping, does not produce toxic gas, is easily decomposed in a strong alkali strong acid solution, and is decomposed and dehydrated into alumina by heating.

2. The active aluminum hydroxide filler adopts domestic advanced production technology, and is modified by various auxiliary agents and coupling agents to modify the surface treatment. The fineness is high, the particle size distribution is narrow, the flame retardant effect is good, the whiteness is high, and the bulk density is low.

Aluminium hydroxide filler range:

1. Flame retardant additives for various aluminide raw materials, plastics, rubber and other flammable materials, paper making, surface coloring materials, coatings, toothpaste substrates, catalyst carriers, water purifying agents, fluoride salts, desiccants, various types of molecular sieves Fields, pharmaceutical industry, artificial agate, glass mosaic, building materials, quick-setting fillers, etc.

2. The active aluminum hydroxide filler can improve the combination and processability of the aluminum hydroxide filler and the resin, so that it has the dual properties of flame retardant and filling, so the product is added to the advanced composite materials such as plastics and rubber, not only The product has the effect of flame retardant and smoke elimination, and is resistant to electric leakage, arc resistance and wear resistance. Can be widely used in electrical LDPE cable materials, rubber, wire and cable insulation, sheath layer, insulation materials, conveyor belts, etc.